Tuesday, February 11, 2014

LWD Tool Review Tuesday: Cropper Hopper 12x12 Paper Organizer

I'm going on a Weekend Scrapbook Retreat with some friends at the end of March. I plan on winning the prize for getting the most pages completed. (There IS a prize for that, right, Tami?!?) In order to do that I need to be super organized. Cropper Hopper to the rescue! These 12x12 paper organizers are a great tool for organizing your papers and products, whether you are going to a crop or just using them on your shelves at home. If you have the vertical paper holders (also by Cropper Hopper) these are a perfect fit. You can fit over 100 sheets of paper in one organizer! I like that I can put an entire 12x12 pad of paper inside and the paper doesn't get bent. The organizers are a heavy duty plastic. You have to put the organizer together as it comes flat, but assembly is easy. It folds open with lock tab closures and it stays together even with a LOT of items inside. There is a handy-dandy carrying handle at the top and even a place to label the contents.

Very sturdy
Holds over 100 sheets of paper
Has a handle and a space for labeling

"Assembly" required, but it's super easy, takes less than 30 seconds

This is how it comes out of the packaging...flat.
You need to crease all the fold lines and fold them towards the "inside."
Insert the tabs into the slots. There is one for each side and one that keeps the organizer closed.
Here are 5 of them put together.

For Christmas I made 4 custom mini albums for a customer. I have lots of embellishments and paper pieces left over. I like being able to keep the entire collection together in one place. FYI--This one weighs 3 pounds (I put it on the bathroom scale), but it is secure in the organizer.

All the leftovers from making 4 mini albums....a LOT of stuff!
Nice and tidy and all together
Even though it's bulging just a little bit, the organizer still closes and is keeping it all together.

In 2012, we went on a family trip to a gem mine in North Carolina. I have yet to scrap these pictures...but I have everything all together in a paper organizer. I have a paper pad, a package of cardstock, several packages of embellishments, and even the pictures. When I *finally* get around to scrapping this trip I won't need to go looking all over the place for what I need since I have everything stored together.

These paper organizers are great for storing other supplies, too. I use them for storing my rub-ons, vellum quotes, baby quotes, Coluzzle cutting system, etc. They are also great for storing themed items like wedding and travel. I also use them to store pages that are in progress or pages that I have completed but don't have a home in a scrapbook yet.

As  you can see, I have several different brands of paper organizers. Some are Recollections, some are from the Dollar Tree. The closures on most of these are broken. As funds allow, I'm going to change them all over to the paper organizers from Cropper Hopper. That way they will all be the same size and since the Cropper Hopper brand has a flat bottom, they will stand up better in my cube.
This organizer holds my December Daily paper and pictures. When I go to work on this, I only have to grab this packet because everything is all together.
These are an older version of the Cropper Hopper Paper Holders. I have had these for over 10 years and they look just as great now as they did when I first purchased them.  They have made several in-town and even an out of state move and they are still holding up!

For this crop that I'm going to in March, I have 3 months in each organizer. Right now, I only have my pictures printed and my paper pad picked out. I'll add my embellishments as I purchase them and my Silhouette die cuts as I get them made. Hopefully this supreme level of organization will help me to win that prize for getting the most pages completed! 

How do you get organized, either at home or for a crop? I'd love to see what YOU use to keep yourself organized.

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LWD Item Numbers:

AVCH93388 Cropper Hopper 12x12 Paper Organizer
AVCH92600 Cropper Hopper Paper Holder


  1. Great organizational tool! Thanks for sharing your tips with us, DeAnna!

  2. Great review and tips! These folders look very sturdy...will definitely have to look into getting some. Thanks for sharing and good luck winning that prize!!

  3. Thanks for the 411! These look great for organizing projects "in progress". I have lots of those...lol...

  4. Cool! Come organize my stuff now. LOL


    1. LOL You see how close I cropped that picture??? You can't see the REST of my mess!

  5. I got a bunch of the Paper Holders at a New to U sale. I love them for my paper. I turn them so the top is on the side and I can pull out my paper without having to pull out the whole thing.