Monday, January 6, 2014

LWD Tool Review Tuesday: Zutter Bow-it-All

Happy New Year! I can't believe another year has come and gone. Boy, the older I get, the faster they seem to go! For the New Year, the LWD Design Team has added an extra post each week. Tuesday is now "Tool Review Tuesday" and each week, one of us will review a tool or storage/organization solution. I'm up first and I chose the Zutter Bow-it-All.  With the Bow-it-All, you get a perfect bow, every single time. I don't know about you, but I STRUGGLE when it comes to making bows. Some people are born with the bow making gene...I was not. LOL Before I show you my *horrible* bow; let’s take a look at what comes in the box. The board allows you to make itty-bitty 1/2" bows all the way up to large 9" bows. There is a full color instruction book and a pair of pink handled scissors. There is even a zippered storage case to keep it all together.

All the pegs are stored “on-board” on both sides of the board. This will help to keep everything together.

You can use ANY ribbon--wide, narrow, wired, no wire, satin, grosgrain, anything! Here's a sample of what I used.

So, here’s my bow. It’s ok, but the loops aren’t even. The ribbon has a dull side and a shiny side and you can see both sides in my loops and in the tail.

This is my first attempt with the Bow-it-All. I made a 3” single loop bow. I think I did pretty well!

{Well, I'm not sure what happened to the picture! It was a good bow, though!}

Next is a 4” triple loop bow. This one went much faster and I think that I have that “locking-C” knot down now. Check out these videos on the Zutter website to learn about the "locking-C" and see demos on how to make other bows.

I made a giant 7” triple loop bow with a back ribbon. A bow with a back ribbon is perfect for a package.

One more big bow and then on to some tiny ones…This is triple loop double bow with a 3” back bow and 2” front bow. I used wired ribbon on this one and fluffed it up. Sarah says it looks like a flower.

These are 1” bowtie bows. Totally cute! Instead of tails, they have a back ribbon. These will look great on a card!

Aren’t these ¾” bows just adorable! I made single loop, double loop, and triple loop bows. These will be perfect on a card or a scrapbook page. I'm fairly certain Sarah is going to confiscate these for her SMASHbook. She was quite taken with them!

You can create a perfect bow every time with the Zutter Bow-it-All. Now we have no more excuses. LOL I'm definitely going to keep this tool within reach while I'm crafting. I'm going to put bows on everything!

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  1. Thank you for a most excellent first Tool Review, DeAnna! And you know I just have to get the Bow-It-All, cuz my bows are way worse than yours!