Sunday, March 18, 2012

Facebook Flower Swap

I am part of a group on Facebook (Scrapbooking...Buy, Sell, Trade, & Share!) that consists mostly of local members. Local being the Midlands of South Carolina. :) We decided to do a flower swap for the month of March. We had to make 5 sets of 4 flowers. We could make them out of any material we wanted. The last several flower swaps that I have participated in, I have used paper to make my flowers. I didn't use paper for any of my flowers this time!

This flower is made with satin blanket binding that I received in a lace & trim swap. The tutorial I saw on YT said to melt the ribbon with a heat tool, but I couldn't get mine to melt. Maybe it was too thick? I cut a length of about 18" and hot glued it to a cardstock circle. I cut up a necklace for the "pearl" in the middle.

The second flower is made out of tulle. Check out this post for a link to the YT video instructions on how to make it. I love to make these flowers. They are so easy and add a light, airy feeling to your project.

I made the third flower out of wired Christmas ribbon. I cut 5 pieces that were 3" in length and folded them in half and attached them together with a brad. The bottom layer is made with 5 pieces cut at 4" in length. It sort of looks like a Christmas bow! No doubt they will get smashed in transit, but that's the great thing about wired ribbon~you can poof it right back up!

This last flower is my favorite of all! It is very spring-y. I used some baby yarn from my stash and wrapped it around 4 of my fingers about 20 times. I tied it in the center and then trimmed all the loops and fluffed it up. I had to make 5 of these for this swap and 3 more for another swap and used up almost all the yarn. I'm not sure if I even have enough yarn left to make a few for me! :( I have had the yarn for about 6 years so I probably can't find any more like it. You guys should feel special that I am sharing with you! LOL

I am working on building up my flower collection so I can't wait to see what the rest of my group made!


  1. Hey DeAnna~
    I was in the flower swap with you and I just wanted to thank you!! Your flowers are so pretty! I can't wait to put them on a page,although I will be tempted to tell everyone I made them, but I promise to give you props! lol You are very talented :) Renee'

  2. Hello!! This is Tami from FB... loved your flowers!!! I enjoy having you in our swap group!!

  3. DeAnna,
    I LOVE your flowers!! From these gorgeous one's to the vintage one's from books...they are all fantastic!!! I am on the Design Team for Fantabulous Cricut & I do the blog posts on Saturday's. Our Monday Challenge is 'Spring is in the Air' where you are to make a project using 3 flowers....tomorrow I am going to feature some of your work!! Come by & take a peek!! If you have should participate in the Challenge as well! Your work is great!!
    FCCB Design Team