Saturday, July 23, 2011

SNOW Word Book

I am posting this for my friend, Rose. I know she would love to see it in person!

I used a tutorial from the old Cricut message board to help me make this book.

I used George & Basic Shapes and Base Camp to cut the book. I made the book back in February 2011, so I'm not sure of the size, but I think it was cut at 5". The pictures are from January 2011, but I just got them scrapped last week.

The paper is from a stack I got at WalMart about 8 years ago. The embellishments are K& Co.

On the page that has the journaling...I messed up. That dark blue mat in the back was supposed to be a pocket, but I didn't cut my tags quite narrow enough. So, I just clipped them together at the top with a brad and glued the last one down. They rotate out so you can read the tags in the middle and back.


  1. Love how the snowman peeps out - how do you get the letter to have that kind of tab so you can extend each one out to read the word?

  2. The base (or tab) is just a rectangle. I made each rectangle a little longer than the previous one.

    I used this tutorial to help me make my book. I suppose I should have put it in my post!